Store Hours:
May- July 7 Days a Week
This is a picture of the Gilbert General Store taken from the street in Gilbert.  At over 100 years old, the building still functions as a general store and as home to Buffalo Camping & Canoeing.  Stop in and ask us about our cabins and canoe rentals on the Buffalo National River.
Established in 1901, the Gilbert General Store, is on the National Registry of Historic Places.  Once a busy stop for travelers and businessmen, the Gilbert General Store is now home to Buffalo Camping and Canoeing, a registered concessionaire on the Buffalo National River.  Our shady front porch is an excellent place to relax, enjoy the sunshine, and talk to fellow travelers and locals.  Inside, you can explore the history of Gilbert and the nearby areas.  We are a living and working museum.  Feel free to look at the original post office boxes used when the store was also the post office,  our arrow head collection, and other nick-knacks we've collected over the years.  Take a seat in a rocking chair and enjoy an ice cold glass bottled Coke while escaping from your fast paced life.  While you're in the Gilbert Store, ask us about renting cabins or canoes to add to your fun in the area.  We also have trail maps and pictures taken by fellow travelers to allow you to view some of the breathtaking scenery offered on the Buffalo River.  Even if you don't have the time to stay in one of our cabins or take a canoe trip, stop by and see us.  The Gilbert General Store is a perfect beginning or end to any trip you have planned on or around the Buffalo National River.  

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